Why is Charlotte Zip Code 28277 Hot for Real Estate?

Thinking about moving to or within the Charlotte area? Still not sure which neighborhood to choose? Find out why Charlotte zip code 28277 is hot for real estate. Listen to the latest episode of “How’s the Market: Real Estate. Real Answers” on Newstalk 1110 WBT for the latest in real estate news and trends.

Nancy Braun of Showcase Realty and Wes Pruitt from Reliance First Capital talk about how to make your neighborhood the next hot destination in Charlotte!


“I think it’s an opportune time to talk about 28277; this hot, hot zip code has been labeled by various reporters and industry studies as the second hottest zip code in the country for moves. That’s pretty outstanding for the Charlotte area!” – Nancy Braun

“A jumbo loan is typically a loan over $417,000 financed. So if people are buying a larger property or a let’s say they’re buying a property in the country club, they may take advantage of several programs. There are even some programs out there with just 5% down. You can do 95% financing on homes 300 and up.” – Wes Pruitt

“If you see a home in your neighborhood that’s for sale and not selling for whatever reason, whether it’s a distressed home or even just a regular retail listing, maybe you should think about investing in your own neighborhood.” – Nancy Braun

“It’s really the best of both worlds when you think about it. The school system in the Ballantyne area is a very, very highly respected. But the other nice thing is a lot of their private schools are also in very close proximity as well.” – Wes Pruitt

“We also see that the values of the homes in the Ballantyne market have held very strong and there’s still such a desire even during the recession. I don’t think the Ballantyne area took such a real hit as opposed to some other areas.” – Nancy Braun

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