In this episode of How’s the Market: Real Estate. Real Answers, Nancy Braun is joined by Craig Spiesman, President of Fresh Air Technologies, to talk about two of the most overlooked problems at home – mold and water damage.

Their discussion will cover all the areas of the home where mold and moisture are most commonly an issue, which are the foundation, crawl space and roof and what are the available solutions to resolve such problems.

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There’s an easy way to test to see if your house is actually waterproof on the foundation wall. If you pick any exterior wall and dig down about 12 inches on the wall and you don’t see what looks like black paint plastic or a product called drain board, then mostly likely that wall is not waterproof. – Craig Spiesman

Dry ice blasting is extremely environmentally friendly. The thing that’s great about it is that it micro abrades the wood surface so basically it’s going to strip off that first layer of wood and it’s going to leave the crawlspace immaculate. – Craig Spiesman

The ductwork is a perfect breeding ground for trapping pet dander, pet hair, mold spores, allergens, dust and it can just wreak havoc on your health if you have really dirty ductwork. We recommend to have your ductwork looked at maybe once every 3 to 5 years depending on how your system is set up. – Craig Spiesman

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