On this episode of “How’s The Market”, Nancy Braun along with her guests Laurie Baker, an Attorney and Counselor at Law from Baker Law and Jessica Cook, Account Executive from Montage Mortgage will share about legal mistakes to avoid when buying or selling a house.

Knowing, understanding and avoiding these mistakes will help you save tons of money and hours of hassle during home selling or buying.

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The more experienced the folks that are working for you are in the transaction, the smoother it’s going to go for everybody that’s involved. So it’s important to have a good team on your side. – Laurie Baker

I always tell my folks to always purchase a title insurance policy to protect your interest. – Laurie Baker

You want to make sure that you have an on-site conversation with the inspectors and have your buyer present at this inspections as well as your agent. – Nancy Braun

Walkthroughs should be done prior to the closing and not after. – Nancy Braun

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