Charlotte real estate market, Should you buy or should you rent?  This always seems to be the question. However, depending on where you live, in most cases buying your own home could be the obvious choice.

Brad Roche, loan officer at McLean Mortgage, joins the How’s The Market Podcast this week to discuss the age old question of buying or renting in the Charlotte real estate market.

Read on for some of the tweetable moments and references, or listen to the full podcast.

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Tweetable Moments

“Buying a home in Charlotte is 44% cheaper than renting.” – Nancy Braun (tweet this)

“All the money you put into the home comes back to you in equity or in home improvements.” – Nancy Braun (tweet this)

“For every 1000 dollars you put down at today’s interest rates your saving only under 4 dollars.” – Brad Roche (tweet this)

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